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Frequently Asked Questions
What is RewardOne?
RewardOne is a FREE business program designed to reward companies for business travel on United Airlines.
Is there a cost to join RewardOne?
RewardOne is FREE to join.
How do I know if my company can qualify for RewardOne?
To qualify for enrollment into the RewardOne program, your company must not have or be subject to a Corporate Travel Agreement with United and have at least 5 employees
(Cannot be a travel agency, wholesaler, consolidator or other reseller of travel.)
Who in my company can sign for the program?
An authorized representative of the company who must also be an active employee.
Is there anything else needed to participate in the program?
The company’s Authorized Representative must have a valid e-mail address and a list of the Company’s employees who travel on business and their MileagePlus number handy, when available. If any of the Company’s employees are not MileagePlus members, there is an option to request enrollment in the MileagePlus program, and they will be enrolled automatically.
How does my company "earn" points?
RewardOne awards your company with valuable points every time your company's registered employees choose United Airlines for business travel. For every 1,000 USD in qualifying revenue, your company will earn:
One point for travel to/from Cleveland, OH, Houston, TX, or Newark, NJ
Two points for travel to/from all other cities served by United
How are the points tracked? United tracks your company's expenditures and earned points through your employees MileagePlus numbers. How do I know that my company is getting credit? The Company’s employees must provide their MileagePlus number when making reservations and checking in for a United flight. The company is responsible for keeping the list of employees up to date. What is qualifying revenue? It’s the actual flown revenue excluding taxes, fees, surcharges and refunds.
Effective October 1, 2011 qualifying revenue applies to non-discounted fares booked in F, C, J, D, Z, A, Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V class of service only. Are there any tax liabilities associated with RewardOne? All tax liability associated with the RewardOne program and with the receipt and use of rewards, including income tax, is the responsibility of the user. How can I make updates to my Company’s data or list of employees? You may access your account anytime online. Visit us at select “My RewardOne Account” and sign in using your account number and PIN/Password. Once signed in you may:
edit your account profile (address, phone, email address, contact name, etc.)
update your list of business travelers (add employees who join the Company or remove those who leave the Company)
Change Your PIN/Password, your account security is very important and along with your account number, your PIN/Password is the key to your RewardOne account. You may change your PIN/Password directly online. For security purposes, your PIN/Password will not be disclosed online or over the phone.
Will employees continue to earn their own individual MileagePlus miles? Yes. Can I transfer my points? Transferring of points is not permitted. Can I combine RewardOne points with my MileagePlus miles? RewardOne points and MileagePlus miles cannot be combined. Rewards What types of rewards are issued? Your company will have a choice of special rewards including Silver MileagePlus Elite Status, United Club memberships and even travel certificates. See a complete list of awards. How do I redeem my points?
Online at Select My RewardOne account option, log in using your account number and PIN/Password and redeem your points, or
Call us at 800-395-4922 (Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST) in the United States or Canada.
Companies outside of the United States or Canada may contact their local Sales Representative.
Who can request rewards? The Authorized Representative or the Company Contact designated by the Company are the only people authorized to request rewards for the Company. Redeemed awards will be sent to the Authorized Representative only. Once I receive my rewards, can they be replaced if lost or stolen? United will not replace or credit to a company’s account any lost, stolen, or expired rewards as per the terms and conditions of the program. Can Travel awards be extended? Travel awards are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance and are not extendable. Who is eligible to receive the Company rewards? The rewards are for you to use anyway you would like – incentives, gifts, Company travel – and your employees continue to earn MileagePlus frequent flyer miles. Rewards cannot be sold or bartered. Can rewards be re-deposited? Rewards can not be re-deposited. What is the time frame for reward fulfillment? Redemption of rewards will be fulfilled within 14 business days. Are there any black out dates associated with the travel rewards? There are no blackout dates, however travel reward seats are capacity controlled and subject to availability. Are rewards issued electronically or in paper form? eTicket is the primary method of ticketing on United. Once your travel reward is redeemed and your reservations are confirmed, you can request a fax, e-mail or web page as a receipt. Online Access How do I view my account online? Visit us online at, select My RewardOne Account. You will need your account number and PIN/Password. How can I find my PIN/Password? The Authorized Representative selected the PIN/Password when enrolling the Company. You may change your PIN/Password directly online. For security purposes, your PIN/Password will not be disclosed online or over the phone. I lost my PIN/Password, how can I get it? If you don't know your RewardOne number and/or PIN/Password, you may provide your RewardOne Authorized Representative or Company Contact e-mail address to receive an e-mail with your RewardOne number and an option to change your PIN/Password. For security purposes, your PIN/Password will not be disclosed online or over the phone. If you do not have a RewardOne Authorized Representative or Company Contact e-mail address, complete the PIN/Password Request page to have your PIN/Password mailed to you RewardOne postal address. You will need your RewardOne account number. Can I change my PIN/Password? Visit us at, select "My RewardOne Account" sign in using your account number and current PIN/Password, select the Change PIN/Password option and follow the simple instructions. Communication Where are communications sent? Communications are sent via email to the Authorized Company Representative. How often do you send statements? On or after the 20th of every month an email will be sent to the authorized representative indicating that statements are ready to view online. Do you have paper statements? Statements are only available online. Return to Previous Page
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